Tuesday, June 10, 2008

go to sleep little baby

so, abacus has taken to sleeping soundly through large parts of the day and doing the snuffle shuffle at about midnight, where she becomes profoundly awake, looking around with the most cognizant of curiosity, even in the ghostly dim blue glow of the tv, which may actually favour the low spatial frequency of her infant vision than would the broadband of daylight. So i'm up putting her off to sleep - it s now about 2am! hehe. so i'm watching bbc world, the insomniacs dream, which served me well through my "early 20's" (i can say that these days). And reading to her about the young-helmholtz theory of trichromacy - if that doesn't put her to sleep i'm doomed.

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Anonymous said...

man, Ab looks mini meeny in those bath photos. Happy that you can be an at home family now. How were the exams?