Sunday, June 22, 2008

and as for abacus

ha. that last post had nothing to do with abacus, oh except that she was better known to the person who helped me than i was. She's miss popularity.

She had a bit of a crazy night on saturday and kept us awake with her crying, which seemed to be related to nothing but wanting to be cuddled - can fetuses be clingy ? last night she made up for it by giving us 5 straight hours sleep. She seems quite contented a lot of the time, just looking around and making happy sounds. She's getting so baby sized, I think i'm already missing her smallness, and she's only just made it to small newborn size.

It's strange she's still supposed to be a fetus but we know her so well already and she seems to have so much personality, what do they do in their those last 2 months ?


Anonymous said...

i heard that most of the time in the last part of preganancy they're just trying to find a way out.

also, good on your examn.

[ps. you should take this 'enter a code to leave a comment' feature off. its really annoying.. peace]


abacus said...

it is if only i knew how to remove it

abacus said...

oh now i know - thanks for commenting by the way