Wednesday, June 4, 2008

good news

So we were getting annoyed with the fact that Abacus is still in hospital when she is not being treated for anything, coupled with the spate of tickets and less than ideal living conditions for ourselves and the rushing back and forth to the hospital. So we planned to start negotiations for bringing her home, or at least be given a solid explanation for why they are keeping her in.

We asked a nurse we really get on with (she was the one who was there the day we were first told about Abacus) and she said she was surprised that we were still in and went to find stuff out. She came back with the news that we were shifting rooms on Friday and would probably be home Saturday or Sunday - thanks for telling us everyone else.

Abacus has been getting better and better at feeding. She had about a 20 minute feed yesterday and then took 40mls from the bottle on top! And she was waking up every two hours for a while for more. Subsequently she gained 50grams!

At her 4:30am feed I gave her 60mls by bottle (obviously) and she was still hungry so I gave her another 15, and she was still awake and wanting more - but they said she couldn't. Then just as i thought I was going to be up all night getting her to sleep, the nurse we really liked came round looking for babies to cuddle, so I left Abacus in her capable hands.

So it's not long now (Jonno wins for closest guess)

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Anonymous said...

i great spate of entries! do i win a prize? i reckon.

good luck on your herhomehaving. also, when do you move house?